EZ-200 Water Activity Meter
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Freund EZ-200 Water Activity Meter
The EZ-200 features a color touch panel and is accurate, easy to use, and simple to maintain.

Excellent User Friendliness

  • Features a color touch panel that provides intuitive controls.
  • Allows for wide-ranging measurements between Aw 0.10 to 0.98 to be performed in just 10 minutes, a reduction in time of 30% compared to previous models.
  • Allows for accurate measurements regardless of whether the sample is a solid, liquid, or powder.

  • Features sensors that can be exchanged and calibrated by the customer. Maintenance can be performed without the use of tools. Specialized repairs are not required when the sensors become degraded. Reagents can be reused, allowing for cost reductions when performing periodic tests.



  • Features accurate Aw-measuring sensors with low-susceptibility to the effects of alcohol.
  • Using the optional sensor protection filter will reduce sensor degradation due to acids etc., ensuring that they can continue to be used for a long period of time.

Compatible with USB
  • More than 100 pieces of data can be stored on the meter. It can also export records to USB memory drives (in CSV format).
Made in Japan
  • The EZ-200 is the result of our accumulated know-how and development ability.
  • Freund developed the first Japanese-produced electric resistance water activity meter in 1983 and is now a leading company in the field. We have now sold more than 1000 units worldwide.

Product Specifications

Product Name Water Activity Meter
Model EZ-200
Sensor Electric resistance type
Measurement Range 0.100.98 Aw*1
Measurement Accuracy ±0.01 Aw (25˚C ±0.3˚C)
Measurement Time On average 10 minutes / sample*2
Calibration 4 points (0.33, 0.53, 0.75, 0.93 Aw) / 25˚C
AC Adapter Input:100-240V50-60Hz
Main Unit Rating DC24V0.65A
Dimension 165 (W) × 130 (H) × 270 (D) mm
Weight 4.3 kg
Accessories Power adapter, sample containers(5), reagent of saturated salt solution for calibration(4 types)*3, silica gel*4, grease, dispensing spoon, pipette
*1: When the third decimal point is ''rounded.''
*2: When the sensor protection filter is not attached
*3, *4: With matching container
If any reagent of saturated salt solution for calibration finished up, purchase the guaranteed Reagent.
Optional accessories

Sample container 10 units
Sensor protection filter 10 sheets
Inlet air filter 2 units
Replacement packing 2 units
Grease 50 g
Replacement sensor board 1 set (with packing, grease and saturated salt solution for calibration)


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