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ITI PD1000 Dead Weight Tester
Hydraulic Version | Pressure range 10 - 1,000 bar

  • UK/EU manufactured
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Requires no power supply
The main components are measuring system, valve units, spindle unit for fine adjustment of the pressure and set of weights.

The measuring system consists of a fine lapped piston/cylinder pair. The weight-loaded piston is pressed down by the local gravitation of the weights. From below the test pressure, which is generated and adjusted by the spindle pump, acts towards the piston surface area.
This test pressure is increased until the hydraulic force of the medium on the piston surface area (acting from below) compensates the weight force of the piston/weight system and the equilibrium of forces is reached. During this state of equilibrium, the piston floats freely in the cylinder.

In order to simplify the handling, the weights are already standardised to the specific determined piston surface area and the local gravitation at the installation site. The set of weights is available discreetly graduated in different pressure units (bar, Pa, psi). Piston and weights are kept rotating with a motor while floating in order to minimise the influence of static friction of piston and cylinder and therefore to guarantee a sensitive discrimination threshold.
The dead weight testers described herein operate in a range from 10 to 600 bar or 10 to 1,000 bar, depending on the model.

  • High-precision primary standard (comparison standard) Reference device for calibration services, gauging offices and laboratories.
  • Suitable for testing, adjusting and calibrating pressure measuring instruments without using an external reference device.
Technical Specifications

Pressure Range Basic Load 10 bar
Main Measuring Range 60 – 1,000 bar
Required Admission Pressure Air  6 bar
Accuracy Class Better 0.02% (with factory calibration)
(at ambient temperature +20˚C  ±2˚C (+68˚F ±3.6˚F)
Medium Special oil
Lubrication Special oil
Nominal Piston Cross - section By electric drive (220 V AC/50 Hz/ 28.5 W)
Rotation of the Weights By electric drive (220 V AC/50 Hz/ 28.5 W)
Connection Male G1/2 LH with clamping sleeve on G1/2 right or M20x1.5 right, incl. double sealing
Connection for external compressed air Plug connection (Prestolock) for PA hose N4x1, with adapter for N6x1
Case Aluminium case, grey enamelled (self-supporting cover), 3 adjustable feet for precise horizontal alignment according to integrated circular level.
Case Dimensions incl. Star Handle (L x W x H) 490 x 480 x 400 mm (19.29 x 18.9 x 15.75”)
Approx. Weight Dead Weight Tester 36 kg
Set of Weights 56 kg
Transport Box for Dead Weight Tester 21 kg
Transport Box for Set of Weights 4+4 kg

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