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Anton Paar Abbemat Performance Plus 550 Digital Refractometer

  • Highest precision (+/-0.00002 nD), ideal for R&D and advanced quality control applications
  • Full 21 CFR Part 11 compliance with complete pharma feature set and data integrity software solutions
  • Abbemat refractometers allow fast and non-destructive refractive index and concentration measurements. All instruments of the Performance and Performance Plus lines provide full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, including user levels, audit trail, and forgery-proof data export. The Abbemat T-Check feature precisely calibrates and adjusts the surface temperature of the measuring prism of all Anton Paar refractometers.
  • They are factory-calibrated with official standards from the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB, National Metrology Institute of Germany).
  • Independent of sample properties you can measure liquids, pastes, polymers, solids, turbid, colored, or opaque samples. A wide range of methods is available for each Abbemat model, allowing fast and precise concentration measurements of binary solutions.

Key features
More than refractive index – precise concentration measurement

Besides the standard application of refractive index measurements, Abbemat refractometers are the instruments of choice for concentration measurement of binary solutions, e.g. acids or bases. The advantages of Abbemat refractometers compared to other concentration measuring techniques are measuring speed, ease of operation, highest accuracy, low sample volume and no need of sample preparation. More than 200 methods are available for all industries, e.g. pharma, food, beverage or chemical.

Durability for a long product life

Apart from the fan, there are no moving parts in the refractometer and therefore no wear. The LED light source guarantees 100,000 hours of operation. The measuring prism is almost as hard as a diamond and therefore virtually indestructible. Both the prism and the surrounding sample well are resistant to aggressive chemicals. An optional sample well made of Hastelloy® is available.

Fit for the pharmaceutical industry

The Abbemat software fully supports the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, including GMP, 21 CFR Part 11, GAMP 5, USP, and international pharmacopoeia (e.g. Ph. Eur., JP). User management, audit trail, check and adjustment history, and electronic signature are just a few examples of the powerful pharma-compliant configuration possibilities of the Abbemat line. To minimize the time it takes to integrate your new Abbemat into your workflow, Anton Paar offers a Pharma Qualification Package.

Additionally, Anton Paar offers attractive data management solutions for the Abbemat 350/550 refractometer models to guarantee a high level of data integrity and usability.

On-site temperature calibration and adjustment

The temperature is the biggest influencing factor on the refractive index. To ensure accurate results, the built-in Peltier temperature control adjusts the temperature at the prism/sample interface at an unmatched accuracy within seconds. The patented Abbemat T-Check calibrates and adjusts the surface temperature of the measuring prism for precise and traceable results. To ensure full traceability, the temperature adjustments are automatically documented in the audit trail of Abbemat.

Simplification of your work

A wide range of accessories allow the adaption to every task: There are accessories available for the measurement of volatile to solid samples, low sample volumes, or samples containing particles. The Abbemat refractometers can be connected to other Anton Paar instruments, e.g. to measure density, optical rotation, or viscosity alongside refractive index and concentration. With the Performance Plus line refractometers you can automate sample filling and measurement of up to 96 samples with a sample changer or use an optional built-in peristaltic pump to fill the measuring cell with your sample.
Technical specifications

Measuring ranges Refractive index scale (RI)
Range nD 1.26 to 1.72
Resolution nD ± 0.000001
Accuracy nD 1) ± 0.00002
Repeatability nD 1) ± 0.000002
Measuring ranges Brix scale
Range 0 to 100 %
Resolution 0.001 %
Accuracy 0.015 %
Measuring range Temperature
Range 4 to 85 °C
Temperature probe accuracy 1) ± 0.03 °C
Temperature probe stability 1) ± 0.002 °C
Additional information
Wetted parts FFKM, PP GF 30, stainless steel
Light source LED light source, average lifetime > 100,000 h
Wavelength 589 nm
Minimum sample amount approx. 0.2 mL
Measuring time 5 seconds per sample (after temp. equilibration)
Scales/methods Sugar scales, syrup and honey scales, alcohol scales, urine scales, serum scales, more than 70 scales available
Interfaces RS-232, CAN-bus, 3 USB ports
Ethernet and VGA connector (Performance Plus line only)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 300 mm x 145 mm x 330 mm (11.8 in x 5.7 in x 13 in)
Weight 6.5 kg (14.3 lb)
1) valid at refractometric standard conditions (T = 20 °C, λ = 589 nm, ambient temperature = 23 °C)


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