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Abbemat 3100 Compact Digital Refractometer

  • Ideal for concentration measurements of chemicals
  • For quality control in the chemical, beverage, food, and petroleum industry
  • Precise temperature control at 20 °C and 25 °C to be compliant with relevant ASTM and ISO standards
For measuring the concentration and refractive index of liquids and pastes, the Abbemat 3X00 refractometers embody reliability, precision, and convenience. These benchtop refractometers offer you an exceptional combination of technical expertise and user-friendly operation. They are not affected by environmental conditions and require minimal cleaning and no maintenance. The premium technology and compactness of the Abbemat 3X00 refractometers transform time-consuming measurements into highly efficient quality control. Choose from three instruments designed to satisfy the requirements of your field of application and budget. 
Key Features
Precise concentration measurement for quality control

The Abbemat 3X00 series measures the concentration of binary solutions. With over 200 available methods – from acetic acid to Zeiss – Abbemat refractometers provide the quality control that you require.
  • Refractive index
  • Pharmaceuticals (methods acc. to Ph. EU / US / JP)
  • Food (e.g. Brix, sucrose, glucose, iodine value)
  • Beverages (e.g. Brix, invert sugar, sucrose, Zeiss)
  • Chemicals (e.g. sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid)
For all types of samples

Measure all consistencies within seconds – from liquids to pastes.
  • Measures even turbid, colored, or opaque samples
  • Unaffected by environmental humidity, temperature, or vibrations
  • Minimal cleaning required – just wipe down the measuring prism after each measurement
Easy to use right out of the box

The Abbemat 3X00 refractometers come ready to measure immediately after unpacking.
  • Ready to measure immediately after unpacking
  • Intuitive user interface allows access to all measurement-relevant features on a 5.8” color touchscreen
  • Can be operated even while wearing gloves
  • Automatic warnings if the measurement prism is not clean or the sample volume is too low
Space-saving, maintenance-free instrument

Abbemat refractometers have no moving parts and are maintenance-free, so operators can spend time measuring instead of worrying about downtimes.

Abbemat refractometers also fit nicely into any workspace – each model of the Abbemat 3X00 series takes up about the same space as a sheet of paper.
Technical Specifications

  Abbemat 3000 Abbemat 3100 Abbemat 3200
Measuring ranges Refractive index scale (RI)
Range nD 1.30 to 1.66 1.30 to 1.66 1.30 to 1.72
Resolution nD ± 0.0001
Accuracy nD 1) ± 0.0001
Measuring ranges Brix scale
Range 0 to 100 %
Resolution 0.01 %
Accuracy 0.05 %
Measuring range Temperature
Range No temperature control 20° C + 25 °C 15° C to 60° C
Temperature probe accuracy 1) ± 0.05 °C
Additional information
Wetted parts Sapphire, FFKM, PP GF 30, stainless steel
Light source LED light source
Wavelength 589 nm
Minimum sample volume approx. 0.2 mL
Measuring time approx. 5 seconds per sample (after temp. equilibration)
Default methods Refractive Index, Brix, glucose, fructose, invert sugar, sucrose
Additional methods More than 200 scales available on request
(e.g. syrup, honey, alcohol, urine, serum, acides, bases)
Data interface RS-232, 2 USB ports, 1 USB serial, Ethernet Printer, Ethernet LIMS (Abbemat 3200)
User interface 5,8'' inch touchscreen
Dimensions (W x H x D) 228 mm x 94 mm x 300 mm
Weight 4.4 kg 4.6 kg 4.6 kg
1) Valid at refractometric standard conditions (T = 20 °C, λ = 589 nm, ambient temperature = 23 °C)

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