Mitutoyo HR-530 Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine
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Mitutoyo HR-530 Hardness Testing Machine
SERIES 810 — Rockwell Hardness Testing Machines


  • Unique electronic control makes the HR- 530 series of hardness testers extremely versatile by enabling Brinell hardness testing as well as load-sequence hardness testing of plastics, plus Rockwell and Rockwell Superficial hardness testing.
  • This series can test the hardness of the inside wall of a ring, a test that is only possible using ordinary hardness testers by cutting the ring into pieces. (All models.)
  • The touch-panel display unit can be mounted on top of the tester, providing significant convenience if the machine installation space is restricted. (All models.) Use the optional display mounting bracket to mount the unit.
  • This series allows numeric display of statistical analysis results such as maximum and minimum values, mean value and graphic display of X-R control charts and histograms required for hardness evaluation.
Technical Specifications

Order No. 810-231*1
Model HR-530
Applicable standards JIS B 7726, ISO 6508-2
Hardness testing methods Rockwell/Rockwell Superficial/Brinell/Plastics hardness
Initial test force N (kgf) 29.42 (3) 98.07 (10)
Test force N (kgf) Rockwell Superficial 147.1 (15) 294.2 (30) 441.3 (45)
Rockwell 588.4 (60) 980.7 (100) 1471 (150)
Brinell 61.29 (6.25) 98.07 (10) 153.2 (15.625) 245.2 (25) 294.2 (30) 306.5 (31.25) 612.9 (62.5) 980.7 (100) 1226 (125) 1839 (187.5)
Power supply AC100 V, 120 V, 220 V, 240 V Auto-selection
External dimensions Main unit 250(W)×667(D)×621(H) mm
Touch-panel display unit 191(W)×147(D)×71(H) mm
Mass Main unit: Approx. 60 kg Display: Approx. 1.1 kg
*1: 1/16 in steel ball indenter is equipped as a standard accessory.

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