Mitutoyo RA-2200AS Roundness/Cylindricity Measuring System
Mitutoyo RA-2200AS Roundness/Cylindricity Measuring System Roundtest Mitutoyo Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, Selangor, Sunway Velocity Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Muser Apac Sdn Bhd
Mitutoyo RA-2200AS Roundness/Cylindricity Measuring System
Roundtest RA-2200
SERIES 211 — Roundness/Cylindricity Measuring System

Pursued world's highest level accuracy. A high-performance automatic model equipped with a high-speed automatic centering/leveling function.
  • High-speed automatic centering/leveling function contributed to a significant reduction in the man-hours required for setups.
  • It is a full-automatic model which performs all the processing automatically from part program calling, centering/leveling, measurement, calculation, to printing.
  • Capable of continuous inside/outside diameter measurement without changing the detector orientation. (I.D. up to ø50 mm)
  • The automatic positioning function of the turntable enables automatic measurement in combination with table rotation and slider/column movement.
  • Advanced graphical analysis such as power spectrum chart is available.
  • A sliding mechanism is incorporated in the detector holder part.
Technical Specifications

Model RA-2200AS
Turntable Rotational accuracy (JIS B 7451-1997) Radial direction (0.02+3.5H/10000)μm H: Probing height (mm)
Axial direction (0.02+3.5X/10000)μm X: Distance from the center of rotation (mm)
Maximum loading mass 30 kg
Maximum probing diameter ø 300 mm
Vertical movement (Z-axis column unit) Maximum probing height 300 mm
X-axis Travel range 175 mm (–25 mm to +150 mm from the rotation center)
Detector Detection range Standard ±400 μm/±40 μm/±4 μm
Tracking ±5 mm
*1: Auxiliary stage for a low-height workpiece is required for the measurement 20 mm or less from the table top.

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