Comark RF500AP - Gateway for RF500 Wireless Monitoring System (PoE Option)
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Comark RF500AP - Gateway for RF500 Wireless Monitoring System (PoE Option)

The RF500A Gateway for Wireless Monitoring (PoE option) is used to control Comark’s RF500 wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system and to provide an economic and flexible solution to most measurement applications.
  • PoE Version Monitors Temperature, Humidity and Door Events
  • Full Record-Keeping and Choice of Alarm Notification via ScreensRF500A, E-Mail, SMS or Voice
  • Multi-User Access via Web Browser – No Software Required
Self-healing network properties, data encryption and automatic data retrieval ensures high data integrity with elimination of data loss.
Power over Ethernet (PoE) option is good for applications where cabling mains power could be difficult or expensive.

For details of Transmitters see entries for RF512RF513RF515 and RF516.
  • Solid state memory via two SD cards
  • Automatic backup between the two cards provides additional data protection
  • Monitors temperature, humidity and door events
  • Full record keeping and choice of alarm notification via screens, email, SMS or voice
  • Multi-user access via web browser – no software required
  • Aids HACCP compliance as required by EU Regulation 852/2004
  • An essential component of a 21 CFR Part 11 system
This Product is available in the variants shown below, each comes with a power supply suitable for that region:
  • RF500AP (3927739) – UK Version
  • RF500AP/EU (3927756) – EU Version
  • RF500AP/AUS (4088014) – Australian Version
  • RF500AP/USA (3927742) – US Version
Technical Specifications
Name Value
Channels Up to 256
Transmitters Up to 64
Storage Capacity Up to 10 years storage
RF Frequency 2.4GHz (Using IEEE 802.15.4 physical layer and proprietary application layer)
Operating Range 0°C to +40°C / +32°F to +104°F, 10-90% RH non-condensing
Power Sources Power over Ethernet (PoE) Compliant to IEEE 802.3af Device class 0 or AC power adaptor, rechargeable NiMh battery
Power Adaptor 100-240VAC 310mA 50/60Hz
Battery Backup 4.3Ah Ni-Mh Rechargeable Battery. Running time approx 1 hour
Clock Accuracy 4ppm (2 minutes per year)
Relay Outputs (SW1 &SWT) Two individual 2.5mm jack sockets. Contacts: 24Vdc 500mA maximum
Power Consumption 12W typical
Dimensions L 225mm x W 150mm x D 40mm
Weight 1.3Kg
Default IP Address
Storage Allocations Bytes per day = 50KB (No Transmitters), 50KB x 30 Transmitters = 1.5MB per Day, 5.475GB over 10 Years
Operating System Linux running Apache Server version 1.3.33. Kernel version 2.4.31
Measuring and Monitoring Temperature within Healthcare and Industry
Measuring and Monitoring in the Healthcare Industry
Food Temperature Safety Flyer
Gateway IT Note
Web-View Help Manual
Gateway System Manual
RF500A Backup Software User Guide
RF500 Hardware Installation Guide
Technical Datasheet (RF500AP)
RF500 Wireless Monitoring Brochure
RF500A Service Manual
PIB – RF500A Gateway Premature SD Card Failure
Name Version Size Date
RF500 System Gateway – Software (Version M9) M9 22.63 MB 16th September 2015
RF500 System Gateway – Software M8 28.67 MB 3rd December 2014
RF500 System Gateway – Setup Utility 2.0 43.81 MB 2nd February 2015
RF500 System Gateway – Super User Setup 1.00 1.55 MB 3rd December 2014
USB Drivers 3.00 6.56 MB 12th March 2015
RF512 Transmitter Firmware 3.0.0 26.71 KB 4th December 2014
RF513 Transmitter Firmware 3.0.0 27.75 KB 4th December 2014
RF515 Transmitter Firmware 3.0.0 28.09 KB 4th December 2014
RF516 Transmitter Firmware 2.4.2 27.17 KB 4th December 2014
RF542 Remote Temperature Monitor Firmware 3.0.0 29.19 KB 4th December 2014

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