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Hygiena KIT3094 AlerTox Sticks Peanut
Tests: 10
Designed especially to help manufacturers keep their items free of antigens that may cause allergic reactions, AlerTox® Sticks are a rapid, user-friendly test for the detection and qualification of peanut with no lab equipment or scientific knowledge required.

Key Benefits
High Sensitivity: Detects low levels of allergen (ppm/ppb/ppt)
Confidently know if allergens are present in your ingredients or products, ensuring safe food for consumption
Rapid Results: Results in as little as 10 minutes
Quickly evaluate food and beverage products to ensure they are free from potentially harmful allergens
High Specificity: No cross-reactivity with related allergens
Antibodies are specific for the allergens of concern, aligning with epitopes that trigger responses in humans
Easy to Use: Simple protocol that is easy to follow
Easily verify the allergens found in your ingredients and products
No Lab Equipment Required: Everything you need in one kit
Technicians can simply run the assay with the kit without having to track down specialized instruments for testing
Easy to Interpret: Simple lateral flow - a visible line means positive
Results are simple for any user to understand without complicated interpretation or instrumentation
Testing Steps: Food
Testing Steps: Surface

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