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Anton Paar Rotational Viscometer ViscoQC™ 100
The Game Changer
  • ViscoQC™ 100 is Anton Paar’s brand new entry-level digital rotational viscometer that measures the dynamic viscosity as a single-point value.
  • Unbeatable ease of use makes ViscoQC™ the new standard for traceable viscosity checks.
  • Unique features include automatic spindle detection by Toolmaster™, automatic guard detection by TruGuard, magnetic spindle coupling for easy one-hand exchange of spindles, the special TruMode (Auto Mode), and many more!
Key Features
Be the pioneer: With exciting innovations in viscosity determination
  • Error-free measurements using Toolmaster™ for automatic spindle recognition
  • TruGuard: Perfect traceability by automatic detection of L or R guard while attached
  • Unique TruMode (auto speed function) when spindle/speed combination is unknown for your sample
  • Digital leveling for alignment check to guarantee reproducible results
  • At-site exchangeable sensor for minimum downtime
Go beyond: The spindle-type viscometer with superior performance
  • Accuracy: ±1.0 % of range, repeatability: ±0.2 %
  • Wide speed range (0.1 rpm to 200 rpm) with customizable speed list for the highest flexibility in measurements
  • Built-in magnetic coupling for easy attachment/removal of measuring spindles
  • Standard spindles made of AISI 316L for superior chemical resistance
  • Calibrate it on your own: Spindle correction factor can be directly stored on the spindle via Toolmaster™ 
  • Intuitive user interface on a 3.5” color LCD display
Fit for your application: For the chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and more
  • All good things come in threes – ViscoQC™ 100 has three models: 
    • L: For low-viscosity samples (solvents, oils, juices, shower gel, …)
    • R : For medium-viscosity samples (paints, adhesives, dairy products, …)
    • H: For high-viscosity samples (pastes, mayonnaise, peanut butter, ointments, …)
  • Ready to use out of the box: Just plug in the power supply and start to measure
  • Predefined modes to fit your needs: Manual Mode, TruMode, Stop at Time/Torque, or Temperature
  • Displayed information: Viscosity, Speed, Torque, Temperature (if Pt100 attached), Runtime, Spindle and max. Viscosity, Target Time/Torque/Temperature
Enjoy flexibility: Accessories that drive results in viscosity quality control (QC)
  • Whatever you need, we have the right spindle for you:
  • Spindle geometries according to ISO 2555 (L spindles, RH spindles) 
  • Concentric cylinder measuring systems according to ISO 3219
  • Double-gap measuring system to measure low-viscosity samples (around 1 mPa.s)
  • Flexible cup holder to easily center ½ pint, a pint, quart containers, and 600 mL glass beakers
  • Spindle rack with 7 positions
  • Pt100 temperature probe to monitor sample temperature (-100 °C to +300 °C) 
  • Thermostatic bath to control the temperature of your 600 mL glass beaker (ideally at 25 °C)
Don’t worry – be compliant: Install, qualify, and start using ViscoQC™ 100 within one day
  • Available with Anton Paar’s Pharma Qualification Package – Smart including required documentation 
  • Non-storage mode: print your results with a DYMO® LabelWriter™ 
  • Ensure traceability of results with Toolmaster™, TruGuard, and digital leveling
  • Fulfill pharma regulations such as GMP, GAMP 5
Technical Specifications
Version L R H
Viscosity range [mPa.s]
(depends on the measuring system)
1* to 
6 000 000
10** to 
40 000 000
60*** to 
320 000 000 
Speed [rpm] 0.1 to 200 
25 increments: 19 standard speeds
plus 6 freely selectable speeds
Max. spring torque [mNm] 0.0673 0.7187 5.7496
Accuracy ±1.0 % full scale range
Repeatability ±0.2 % full scale range
Languages English, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Italian

*    With optional double-gap system DG26, minimum viscosity with L spindles 15 mPa.s 
**  With optional double-gap system DG26, minimum viscosity with RH spindles 100 mPa.s 
*** With optional double-gap system DG26, minimum viscosity with RH spindles 800 mPa.s
Standard Methods
  • ASTM D115, ASTM D789, ASTM D1076, ASTM D1084, ASTM D1337, ASTM D1338, ASTM D1417, ASTM D1439, ASTM D1824, ASTM D2196, ASTM D2243, ASTM D2364, ASTM D2556, ASTM D3288, ASTM D3468, ASTM D3716, ASTM D3730, ASTM D3794, ASTM D4016, ASTM D4143, ASTM D4878, ASTM D4889, ASTM D5324, ASTM D5400, ASTM D6279, ASTM D6577, ASTM D7394, ASTM D8020, ASTM E2975, ASTM F1607
  • BS 5350
  • DIN 2555, DIN 3219, DIN 52007-1, DIN 53019-1, DIN 54453
  • EN 302-7, EN 2555, EN 3219, EN 10301, EN 12092, EN 12802, EN 15425, EN 15564
  • ISO 1652, ISO 2555, ISO 2884-2, ISO 3219, ISO 10364-12
  • Ph. Eur. 2.2.10 - Rotating viscometer method
  • USP 912 Rotating viscometer method
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